Jurismus - young lawyers

Jurismus International: the Network for Young Lawyers under 40

Jurismus is an international association of active young lawyers employed in one of our Eurojuris law firms. 

Our objective: we want to attract the best European young lawyers to the Eurojuris International network and its member law firms, by:

  • Establishing an extensive social and professional international network for young lawyers
  • Promoting and facilitating B2B between young lawyers
  • Improving young lawyers personal, professional and intercultural qualifications through training, debate forums, and high quality academic programmes
  • Being the gateway for young lawyers to Eurojuris International and facilitating young lawyers' entrance into the network and its specialist groups.

We realise that good cooperation between professionals requires understanding as well as trust - both of which are achieved amongst lawyers through our network and its various high quality activities.

Have a look at the Jurismus website!